This is the best weekend for Pick Your Own

If you have been waiting for the Macs and Cortlands to be really ripe for picking your own then this is the best weekend for you to come.  The Macs have a beautiful red color and a crisp flavor that only comes once a year.  The Redcorts in the pick your own area are huge this year, and have really nice color.  You can pick your own on weekends during our regular hours of 9am to 6pm on Saturday and noon to 6pm on Sunday

McIntosh apples on the tree
McIntosh hanging on one of our trees in the pick your own orchard next to the apple barn

For this weekend September 26th and 27th we are offering a package deal if you pick your own apples you can get admission to the corn maze for $5 adults and $4 under 12, or a group rate of $20 for all the occupants of one vehicle..  The corn maze is open from Noon to 6pmboth Saturday and Sunday.  Come and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Apples are ripening

We now have plenty of McIntosh on the shelves, quite hard and green as many folks like them.  For the Cortland fans we have a few of the RedCort type of cortlands ready this weekend.  The true Cortlands will be ready soon.  We have some St Lawrence right now which my Aunt Carol claims make the best pies.

If you are looking for something to do our much anticipated corn maze will be open on the weekends from noon to 6pm, now through Halloween.   Come in the next few weeks and pick your own apples as well.  The last two weekends in September are the best for picking your own McIntosh.

Apple Season is here again!

Weather you are ready or not, it is already September, and that means apple season is here once again.  Our shelves are stocked with Paula Reds and Jersey Macs.  The regular Hard Green Macs will be along in just a few weeks.  For those who don’t remember which of these early apples they like:  Paula Reds are the most like a McIntosh, Tart and Crunchy with a good flavor.  The Jersey macs are sweeter and low in acid.  The Jersey macs remind me of a Macoun, and since the Macouns won’t be ready to pick for 6 weeks you might as well get a bag of Jersey Macs to tide you over.

New this year we are going to have a corn maze.  We have been hard at work cutting paths in the corn field and trying to make the maze fun and challenging.  We expect to open the afternoon of Saturday September 12th, which coincides with Garland Days.  If all goes well we expect to press our first batch of Cider that day as well.

There may be a few apples ripe for pick your own that weekend as well, but they will be sweeter and redder the following weekend.